Aptus1 RGB to Component Convertor


Designed for easy connection and simple operation, the Aptus 1 is an RGB to component video convertor. It’s builds on the high standards set by the Keene RGB2C although it is much simpler in operation. It will convert RGBs (set top box RGB with composite sync) into component (Y Pb Pr) video. There is no set-up or configuration required. The case design allows for direct plug in to the source scart or it can be placed in-line if desired. It uses a micro-controller for sync format detection (NTSC/PAL/Interlaced/progressive) and uses broadcast standard chips with 1% tolerance components for outstanding colour accuracy.

Technical Specification:
Video Bandwidth: >50MHz
Audio Bandwidth: 20Hz-20KHz
Power: 12-18v DC @ 300mA or greater.
Physical: 103mm x 60mm x 26mm
Weight: 100g (exc cables & supply)

Download the instruction manual (pdf format) here

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