If you don't need the multiple locations or three video channels features of the Cat5Blaster then consider the CAT5BLASTER QC for quick and easy 1:1 distribution via CAT5 cable of s- or composite video plus stereo audio.The CAT5BLASTER QC will accept and distribute one or two composite video channels, or one svideo channel, and L & R audio. Requires no power supply, provides a good output signal at distances up to 100m cable run from the input.

Uses low cost CAT5 cable (unshielded 4 twisted pair)

Has two independent video channels can be configured for s-video or 2 x composite video

Can be configured for analogue stereo or 2 x mono audio

Can send high quality images up to 100 metres

Consists of a pair of units for 1:1 distribution


Power: n/a

Dimensions: 69 x 67 x 28mm

Weight: 120g

Have a look at the instruction manual here (Acrobat pdf file)

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