C5QDA CAT5Blaster 4x4 Distribution System


The Keene C5QDA takes 4 independent video inputs and provides a separate CAT5 output for each. The unit can then be paired with the 4x4 matrix switcher of your choice to provide any input to any or all outputs, all via CAT5.The C5QDA provides infra red feedback from each remote receiver so you can still control the source equipment and matrix switchbox from each remote location. Supplied complete with four remote receivers.

Electronically each video channel is converted to the same high standard as the individual C5QCA. The C5QDA represents a considerable cost saving over four separate C5QCA units and makes a tidy solution to multiple source AV distribution.


Specifications (C5QDA main unit)
Power: 12DC @ 300mA or greater. (adaptor supplied)
Video bandwidth: 50MHz distortion: <50db up to 10Mhz AC coupled on composite video and luminance outputs
Audio distortion: <0.1% bandwidth: 20Hz 30KHz
Audio output impedance: 1K ohms each output
Audio input impedance: >10K ohms
Dimensions 217 x 115 x 35mm
Weight 775g (exc supply & cables)

Specifications (C5KDAR receiver)
Power: line powered via C5QDA (no external power needed)
Dimensions: 69 x 67 x 28mm

Box contents:
1 x C5QDA main body
1 x KT5 mains adaptor
1 x IRUW universal IR output wand
4 x C5QCAR receivers
4 x IRSR standard receivers
Just run standard CAT5 cable from the C5QDA to each receiver and its ready to use!

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