(for reference only - this product is no longer manufactured and has been replaced by the IR Commander Matrix)


The ultimate solution for controlling equipment by IR remote, even when the equipment is out of sight, inside cabinets or in remote locations! The IR commander builds on the proven technology of the Keene IR Distribution amplifier to provide a greatly expanded number of inputs and outputs. Use of optional expansion modules allow up control of equipment up to 50m away, providing a solution for even the most demanding and complex installations. A fully connected unit provides a maximum of 10 IR receiver inputs and 13 IR emitter outputs. The Commander can even be coupled to another unit to provide 20 x 26 if desired.

On board IR receiver (may be disabled if required)
4 receiver input jacks
1 wand input jack (to take direct output from say Powermid or similar)
1 input module RJ45 socket. Allows an additional 4 input module to be connected via CAT5 cable at a distance of up to 50m
2 high power output jacks
3 standard power output jacks
2 output module RJ45 sockets. Allows additional 4 output modules to be connected via CAT5 cable at distances of up to 50m each.
Couple point allows two IR Commanders to be linked to provide an even greater number of input/output options.
LEDs indicate which input is active. When IR activity is detected on one input all other inputs are momentarily blanked to ensure the signal remains pure and is cleanly transmitted. (the LEDs may be disabled if required)

Dimensions: 215 x 109 x 33mm
Weight: 780g (exc cables & PSU)
Power: 12v DC @ 300mA (UK adaptor supplied, euro available on request)
Receiver threshold : 1.5v, zener protected at 5v max, input impedance 3Kohm


CAT5 cable should be normally wired EIA568B or natural pairing (NOT network cross-over cable)

Keene IR Commander
240V UK mains power adaptor
1 x high power emitter wand [IRHPW]
1 x instruction leaflet.


Standard IR Receiver 40kHz suitable for most domestic equipment IRSR

Wide Band IR Receiver Up to 150kHz for more esoteric equipment IRWBR

Standard IR Receiver wall plate. 40kHz suitable for most domestic equipment, built into a single gang faceplate

Wideband IR Receiver wall plate. 100kHz suitable for most esoteric equipment, built into a single gang faceplate

Powermid IR lead To feed a Powermid RF receiver output directly to the IR Distribution Amp input (3.5mm stereo jack plug to 3.5mm stereo jack plug 1.5m long). KLDE6

The module is connected to the Commander by CAT5 cable and may be located up to 50m away. 4 receivers may be connected to this module. IRC4A


Low Power Wand. Can be attached directly to the equipment facia or will work up to 4 metres away. Even when attached directly the equipment will still respond to external IR signals. Only to be used in the IR Distribution Amp low power output sockets.

High Power Wand. Will operate equipment from up to 10 meters away. Can also be used in the IR Distribution Amp low power output sockets if required, but will then only perform as a low power emitter. Not suitable for one-to-one operation. IRHPW

Side Firing Wand. A short range emitter for direct attachment to the equipment fascia. IRSFW

Dual Blinking Wands. The single jack plug drives two IR emitter wands. The emitters are extremely tiny (just 9mm across) and are supplied with double sided adhesive pads to affix directly to the equipment fascia. The emitters actually flash red as IR signal is emitted giving visual confirmation that the IR signal was received and transmitted correctly. IRDW

Up to two of these modules may be connected to the Commander by CAT5 cable and may be located up to 50m away. 4 emitters may be connected to each module. IRC4B

Extension leads, 3.5mm stereo jack plug to 3.5mm stereo socket to be used on input or output as required. We've tested the input up to 10m and the output to 20m.
3m extension KLD40
5m extension KLD405
10m extension KLD4010

You can extend the input much further by using CAT5 cable and a pair of these adaptors

High quality RCA phono to phono SG12

Have a look at the instruction manual here (Acrobat pdf file)

For pricing and ordering information visit the Keene Electronics site keene