SDA RGB Scart Distribution Amplifier


If you've ever wanted to make multiple simultaneous video copies, or even to view your video signal on multiple TVís all at the same time then you need a distribution amplifier. This unit takes one input and routes it to five, fully buffered outputs. It uses broadcast grade video amplification ICís to maintain picture quality and pin 8 (auto-switching) is routed through (if the input goes high all the outputs go high). Every pin connection is carried through making it able to be used with composite, S-video and even RGB signals. Its manufactured using a robust metal case and is supplied with a UK power supply.


Power: 12-18v DC @ 300mA

Video: 5 buffered video outputs

Video bandwidth: 50MHz

Video level: Composite / Luminance 1v pp, Chrominance 0.3v peak to peak.

Video distortion: < -50db up to 10Mhz

Back terminated series 75R outputs for reflection free performance

DC coupled on all outputs

Slew rate up to 500v/uS

Audio: 5 buffered audio outputs

Audio distortion: <0.1% Bandwidth 20Hz - 30KHz

Audio output impedance: <1K ohms each output

Audio input impedance: >10K ohms Unity gain

Dimensions 219 x 115 x 37mm

Weight 725g (exc supply & cables)

Also available with euro two pin adaptor

Download the instruction manual (pdf format) here

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