15 pin High Density (HD) D sub

SVGA  = VGA stands for Video Graphics Array the "S" simply added super to it. It is the standard adopted for computer to monitor connections and has also found it's way onto displays designed for more general use like projectors and plasma screens. VGA has very approximately the same resolution as a TV picture. SVGA has greater resolution. VGA used a 9 pin D sub plug and socket the SVGA extended this to a 15 pin high density D sub ( not to be confused with the standard 15 pin D sub!!). further increases in resolution mean we now have XGA and SXGA to contend with. Monitors designed specifically for computer use will not normally display interlaced video

15 pin HD plug picture

Pin Used for Specification / notes
1 Red / Cr 0.7V 75R signal Cr in component video
2 Green / Green + s / Y 0.7V 75R signal (1V inc Sync) Y in component
3 Blue / Cb 0.7V 75R signal Cb in component
4 Ground  
5 Ground  
6 Red ground  
7 Green ground  
8 Blue ground  
9 Not connected  
10 Ground  
11 Sync ground  
12 Data (SDA) Serial data (Tells PC which monitor is connected)
13 Horizontal sync 5 volt TTL level negative sync
14 Vertical sync 5 volt TTL level negative sync
15 Data (SCK) Serial clock